March 27, 2015


Travel or Toys? Could you live without the latest gadgets, gizmos, cars or clothes in preference to sight-seeing and memory making around the world? A quick office poll swung the squids 60% in favour of hoisting a backpack upon their shoulders and walking into the wilds – without the ability to Instagram it, of course. But it was a close thing.

Interestingly, the top table both chose toys – Manj holding onto his Stuttgart steed (two wheel-drive, manual, wave if you see him) and Tsz admitting that actually a few blocks of Lego would be enough for him to forego another staff ‘Christmas Party in another country’…

A few other notable toy lovers; Sahib recommends a groan tube, John has an original, 80’s-vintage Shredder (that’s right ladies) and Taelon really wants a new calculator.

Those wishing to combine them together (travel and toys that is) might be interested in an app named Geocaching. It’s a well-established way to combine exploration with an iPhone – users seek out hidden ‘caches’ (there are over 700 in London already) with nothing more than a few cryptic clues and a good old fashioned sense of adventure. It’s fun, so take a look here – – and if you think it sounds like a novel way to attract potential employees to your brand, you’d be right.

So, over to you. Travel or toys? Inform us via smoke signal or @Pink_squid