May 1, 2015

#TechingYouOut: Pink Squid gets Apple Watch fever

The technology world is gripped by Apple Watch fever – including us. Pink Squid are the proud owners of two of them, and over the next few weeks we’ll be reporting on how they fit into agency life. Check out the hashtag #TechingYouOut for all our updates.

But let’s start at the beginning, or a few years back at least. Apple has a long history of disruption, especially against its own products. The iPhone? Deliberately and almost single-handedly destroyed the market for the iPod, despite the iconic mp3 player’s position right at the heart of Apple’s business. A risky tactic (to put it mildly), but it worked. Now, over 500 million iPhones have been sold, all because of Apple’s ability to know when it has to tear up the rulebooks it created in the first place. Thank Mr Jobs for that.

So the iPhone is Apple’s top dog. Arguably the leading smartphone, beloved by tech-heads worldwide. The iPhone has never been stronger.

Time for it to die then. The Apple Watch, if you haven’t already guessed, is the iPhone killer.

Ease of use, the iPhone’s greatest asset, is also its most infuriating, invasive feature – we become slaves to it. Constant notifications, buzzing, checking. We’re ever connected to them. In fact, we might as well be wearing it…

Enter Pink Squid. As of now, we are wearing it. It’s buzzing, it has notifications, it has apps and yes, you do need your iPhone in your pocket for it to work. Yes, it’s really a little pointless. But this isn’t just a review of a new gadget – it’s potentially much bigger.

Apple is looking to change the way humans and technology interact. That’s huge. That’s why, at 7am on Tuesday morning, Squidettes Louise and Taelon (that’s @Organ_ism and @TaelonV to you digital natives) were queueing outside Dover Street Market, London. And that’s where we’ll pick up next week…

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(Full disclosure: The author has never owned (or wanted) an Apple product in his life. Taelon and Louise, meanwhile, worship at the altar of Apple)