July 15, 2014


Whitney Houston once sang, “I believe the children are our future”. At Pink Squid we tend to agree. Which is why we’re always happy, and keen, to let young guns into our office to experience the world of a creative agency. Last week it was the turn of Gemma Hawkes to join us – though at 17 none of us referred to her as a child. Gemma’s a student at Bedford Sixth Form, studying Business, Graphics, English and RS. But for a few days last week, she was a Squid. Rather than us telling you about her experience, Gemma will. In her words.

“From the flying sharks and fish on the ceiling to a foosball table instead of a front reception desk, the wild and whacky atmosphere in Pink Squid is full of loud laughs. Not only that, but during lunch most of the Squids take part in a game of phone hide & seek, with old Britain’s Got Talent classic, ‘Where’s my keys, where’s my phone‘ by Mr Zip, accompanying the antics. A song I never thought – or hoped – I would hear again).

“Originally I came here to view the working office atmosphere and to get to know what this job sector is all about. By talking to each individual I have witnessed the passion they all put in to produce the final outcome. When I first came to Pink Squid I expected it to be a typical working environment with desks and computers. Although I was right on the whole desks and computers idea, I didn’t expect it to be such fun and to have as many laughs as I have had. If I said Pink Squid is what I expected, I’d be lying. It’s much better. And just in case you are wondering, Steph did find her phone. Now she’s looking for her stapler.”