April 6, 2017

Campaign Dashboards: Are you getting the best from your Employer Branding Turbo Encabulator?


For a number of years now work has been proceeding in order to bring perfection to the crudely conceived idea of a dashboard that would not only supply inverse negative effect of CPC for use in Advert Quality assessments, but would also be capable of being manually updated once a week to allow continued optimising of CTR. Such an instrument is the Employer Branding Turbo Encabulator.

Now basically the only innovative feature involved is the gathering of the easily downloadable data from the campaign delivery platform and the placing of it within an excel document, complete with custom branding consisting of a logo, excel being used of course because it gives a mathematical and analytical feel.

The original Employer Branding Turbo Encabulator had a baseplate of pay-per-click reporting of information to help the campaign manager deliver a higher number of clicks, however the new version now includes channel level social media stats to really give insight into information accessible to anyone with a Facebook account.

Coming to a campaign near you!

Sound like useless technobabble? You’re right. Sounds vaguely like something you’ve heard from your campaign manager? Shame on them.

The Turbo Encabulator is a famous engineering in-joke, amusing, but ultimately useless.

Unfortunately, when it comes to campaign dashboards, it seems there are quite a few Employer Branding Turbo Encabulator’s still around.

Next time you look at a campaign dashboard, have a think about what is important to you. Do you really care about how many people your adverts are reaching? Or, really, are you interested in gathering high quality candidates who actually apply?

Is it clear whether different parts of your attraction strategy are delivering more quality candidates than others?

Can you easily spot why a campaign isn’t performing? What you need to change in order to get the right people in for interview? Whether one job board is delivering, for example, too many candidates missing a vital skill?

Then only one thing is certain. If your dashboards aren’t giving you the full picture, you might be looking at an Employer Branding Turbo Encabulator.

It might be time to give the Pink Squid Data Team a call.