From chatbots to digi-parenting hubs, Vodafone Digital is a hub of new, innovative ideas – spearheading a transformation from telecoms to techcomms. Over two years, Digital has been gathering all of its teams into one location – Southwark, London. This move from Newbury to London was to also attract a wider range of talent.

Our objective was to create an identity that these newly formed teams could thrive under, and new talent would be attracted to. 

But there are 250,000 live digital vacancies in London and only 5,000 active searches for these each month. 

How we did it

So we had to make our idea something that they would want to engage with – an Instagram-worthy idea. We had to shout about all the great things Vodafone Digital were doing, and position them as a tech company to be reckoned with. 

Our concept was built around the types of people found at Vodafone HQ, alongside what can’t be seen – intelligence, determination, craft.

In an industry that’s over populated with messaging, Vodafone Digital had previously kept quiet about their accomplishments. But now there’s no reason to be quiet. 

The results

916,874 impressions, 346 candidates registered, over 200 CVs were collected and seven hires were made. The attraction element was multichannel, running for four months. We released the campaign on Google search for active candidates, and programmatic banners and social for awareness.