Vodafone Graduate Campaign

Graduate Campaign

In the midst of COVID-19, where 81% of graduates were worried about job prospects, we needed to show them that Vodafone is the place for pushing boundaries. 

Focus was placed on hiring for schemes struggling for top quality applicants (Tech, Finance and Business). On top of that, one of our biggest challenges was to get as close to 50:50 female and male applicants as possible. No mean feat. 

How we did it

With the world gasping for action on climate change, and the many inequalities and injustices gripping society, it was time to push Vodafone forward from their old vision of “Generation possible”. This is more than Generation possible. This is everyone taking action – acting up.

Delivering candidates with the right mindset meant sifting out unsuitable candidates before they applied. We used attention grabbing channels and messaging, with motion-led and native content, to attract people who weren’t actively searching for Vodafone, but stood out as a good fit. 


The Results

Over 3m impressions delivered over 30,000 visitors to the microsite. There, they spent an average 6-10 minutes engaging with the Vodafone ACT UP content, which became a filter for the right attitude in itself. 

Despite being open nearly 14 weeks less than the previous year, we achieved nearly 2000 more applicants and 44% female applicants. Not only were there more applicants and more diversity among them, but the team said that the quality was exactly where it needed to be. We met our goals, and then some.