Beat The Game Changers

While Vodafone develops industry leading technology, they often struggle to hire the right people for their graduate roles, since most candidates don’t see Vodafone as an employer that will meet their ambitions. Our challenge was to supply Vodafone with the kind of graduates who would normally see themselves at Google, Amazon or Apple.

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How we did it
We needed to change their assumptions of Vodafone as just a mobile network. But with Vodafone’s huge level of brand recognition, this proved to be difficult. No matter what idea we had, any potential candidates would just see the logo, connect it to the high street chain and switch off. Our first step was to remove the logo.

We then showed our candidates impressive projects that they’d usually expect from Google or Apple and revealed that Vodafone was really behind it. This idea was designed to catch their eye and change their perceptions of the brand. But rather than rely on the clichés graduates constantly hear to push this message such as ‘change the game’, we decided our target candidates needed to “Beat The Game Changers”.



What Vodafone got out of it

Over 5000 visitors to our websites came from users who follow new technology topics, like Google, Apple and Tesla. Not only was this result a huge success for our Beat The Game Changers campaign, but any future employer branding campaigns will feel the benefits from this shift as well.