The White Company


While The White Company were growing, they also found out their team members were no longer connecting with their company culture and were leaving in high numbers. To fix this, we needed a brand that reflected their unique heritage and give their team members something to embrace. But they needed more than a culture to do this – they needed a lifestyle.

How we did it
We created PRIDE – an employer value proposition with The White Company’s key behaviours and an emotional message at its core. Not only are The White Company’s staff being recognised for their hard work, they’ve also started to engage with their employer’s lifestyle as well. It’s so powerful in fact, it now serves as a foundation for all future campaigns.

What The White Company got out of it

We could roll off a series of impressive statistics that prove just how successful PRIDE is. But we believe this single testimony sums it up pretty nicely.
“When PRIDE was sent around to staff via email, a quiet IT Manager came running across the office to let the HR Director know how delighted he was.” Miranda Jones, Director of People