Find your rhythm

Chances are you’ve headed to Nando’s for some PERi-PERi goodness at one time or another. If you’ve been to more than one of their restaurants, no doubt you’ll have noticed that each experience was very different. That’s because Nando’s give their managers the support to set the tempo of their very own restaurants.

What we did

Nando’s are growing all the time. Across the UK alone, 25 restaurants are being opened every year. So that’s a whole lot of new restaurant managers (or Patraos in Nando’s speak) the business needs. Our message to those prospective managers was that they should step up to the Nando’s floor and find their rhythm.


The Red Hot Rumba

We wanted to show that pretty much any style could work at Nando’s, so we got inventive…


Nando’s Style

From classical moves to modern memes, our campaign tapped into popular culture…


The Harloumi Shake

In doing so we created a whole repertoire of Nando’s inspired steps, flicks, spins and turns.


Mobile Moves

A campaign that never tired need to be reflected by more than a static site. So our UX designers created a mobile site that was intuitive and responsive, allowing people to apply wherever they were and whenever the mood struck them.

In-Store Activity

Poaching cards, till point animations and flyers were all used in-store to captivate the audience and inspire people to hotfoot it to the website and take the step from customer to manager. It worked too, with winning routines being put in place across the country.