Legal & General

Make Sense of The Everyday

Legal & General came to us with a problem: there were over 300 positions in their Customer Service teams at Hove and Cardiff that needed to be filled quickly, and with the right people. The sort of candidates who could put themselves in the shoes of a customer planning for retirement or recently diagnosed with a terminal illness.

How we did it
We created an external campaign targeting students and parents who were returning to work. There were posters, display networks and a social media competition on Instagram.

On video, we created a 30-second YouTube pre-roll ad that asked the question: How would you respond in the same situation? We opened on a shot of a woman in distress. She’d just been burgled, and was making a call to her insurance company. And for the shock factor, we replaced the woman’s voice with a man’s on the other end of the line, putting himself in her shoes.

What Legal & General got out of it

The Skip Ad extension served as a deselection tool of sorts; anyone who didn’t have the patience to watch the video until the end likely wouldn’t have the patience to provide the right support for a customer in need.

In the end, these pre-roll ads and use of geo-targeting led to 186 hires from 1,941 applications.