Legal and General


Legal & General launched a technology-enabled, data-led communication tool powered by Silicon Valley start-up Glint. They called it “Voice.”

It was smarter, faster and completely digital – a new way to make yourself heard. Except, of course, nobody had heard of it. For 7,000 employees and their managers, Voice was just a spruced up version of the Employee Engagement Survey: 70 questions, 45 minutes, kill me now.

How we did it

We developed a strategic approach that focused on an open, honest culture where feedback matters.

We wanted to hero those unique opinions and attitudes that have the power to shape the direction of a business like Legal & General. For employees, that meant feeling enabled by Voice to bring their ideas to the table on issues as diverse as ethics in leadership and collaboration between teams.

We called on team leaders, supervisors and longstanding members of staff to become ambassadors for Voice, effectively opening the door to more conversations between employees and their managers.

The results

On average, Linkedin had the highest click-through rate, 4.31% clicked on our ads when compared to Programmatic banners where only 0.12% of users clicked on our ads.

We also recorded 291 clicks on our ads with a very impressive 0.14% click through rate (the industry average is at % 0.02). Overall, the campaign saw a 10% increase (71% to 81.6%) in engagement in just a few weeks.