Jaguar Land Rover

Innovation Hub

Jaguar Land Rover may be world-renowned for their pioneering efforts in the automotive industry, but now that the electric car has taken a bite out of oil demand, traditional roles are being overshadowed by more IT-focused positions. That’s where we come in. Our job was to raise awareness of the company’s sustainable initiatives and put Jaguar Land Rover on the map.

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How we did it
We set out to make an impact, to engage with an audience beyond a paragraph or two on the careers site. We decided to create a video that focused on discovering the unknown – an Innovation Hub to inspire a whole new generation of thinkers.

Taking inspiration from the film Interstellar, we decided the focus of the video had to be the message: that is, in order to move forward into the future, we need future-thinking people with the skills that simply didn’t exist ten years ago.

What Jaguar Land Rover got out of it

As the world welcomes digitalisation with open arms, production, IT and the internet are becoming increasingly intertwined. Our Innovation Hub showed how entire business processes are now digitalised and vehicles electronically controlled at Jaguar Land Rover.