Jaguar Land Rover

Along with their commitment to graduates and undergraduates, Jaguar Land Rover see the students of today as the future leaders of their business. We needed an idea that would cut through and communicate with our target audience in an unobtrusive manner.


What we did

As part of Jaguar Land Rover’s Apprentice campaign, ‘It All Starts Here’, we took the pioneering step of using Snapchat to speak with our core 16-25-year-old audience. As the first organisation to use the medium from an employee attraction perspective, we portrayed JLR as the pioneering, innovative business they are, and were able to tap into a whole new audience that had not been explored before.



We created a competition on Snapchat that ran for 35 days. Each day a new Snap was sent out, reminding followers that they had a certain amount of days left to enter.



On the 35th day, one lucky follower was announced as the winner of a JLR Experience Day. We had created the perfect platform to build a community, interest and engagement.



In the first four weeks of the campaign, over 633 people had followed. Not only were they enjoying a new kind of Snapchat, they were also encouraging their friends to sign up.