National Employer Brand

IC24 compete to provide services for the NHS, including urgent care to over six million people. This brand would unite all of IC24 comms with their people at the heart of what makes them competitive.

On a separate level, IC24 are expected to innovate, taking the risks the NHS can’t. The brand had to go from zero awareness to being a home for healthcare experts who challenge the status quo, changing the way people thought about working in healthcare.

How we did it

Being a decentralised organisation, we needed to bring people together and hear what they thought of IC24. We didn’t want this to be another programme run from head office, we knew it would only feel authentic and be fully adopted if people across the organisation felt part of it.

To push the brand, we focused on the bravery of healthcare instead. At IC24, bravery was defined by the everyday impact that their people had. From developing technology that delivered safer care to saving lives over a telephone call, the people at IC24 made bold decisions every day without knowing it.

Made To Be Brave brought this to life.

The results

The RCNi careers fair is the biggest nursing job fair in the UK with over 2,000 nurses attending across two days in London. What better way to launch the new brand here.

Internally, IC24 launched their first internal value event after launching the Employer Brand, which has been a huge success in connecting the organisation.

Daily total reach on Facebook has gone up 20x since launch
#MadeToBeBrave was the 2nd most frequently used hashtag the event, behind the RCNi’s own hashtag.