How to get paid Guide

Address to which invoice & statement should be sent

Pink Squid Ltd
24 Pepper Street
London SE1 0EB

Email address to which invoices should be sent
For faster response please email your main Project Manager

Purchase order requirements

All invoices should quote a valid purchase order number. Invoices that do not quote a valid purchase order will be returned to the supplier to resubmit the invoice with a correct purchase order.

Payment run dates in month

Payment runs take place monthly on the 15th day of each month

Date by which an invoice must normally be received and approved to be included in the next payment run

The 10th of the month following

Contact details for invoice payment queries and statements

How are disputed invoices dealt with?

All queries are referred to the requester who places the order for the goods or services

Normal expected timescale for invoice approval from recept

Upon receipt of goods or services

Is an e-invoicing system utilised?