June 8, 2017

The Pink Squid Social Media Manifesto

Manifesto MAIN

It’s election day, and here are our aims for delivering award-winning social media campaigns in the year ahead. Our slogan?

Social Media for the few. Not the many.

It’s time to put an end to content that offends no one, engages no one. Harsh decisions have to be made when creating content – not everyone has to love every post.

But only with a strong voice, a voice which grabs exactly the people you want to engage, can you have any voice at all.

Our promise is to remove blandness from brands and focus on creating messages that (CLICHE ALERT) work for your ideal candidates, not the masses.

Paid Social

We’ve noticed a worrying trend of more and more campaigns removing paid social budgets. Sure, times are tight. But let’s face it: relying on organic reach is relying on a social media world that stopped existing years ago. Yet, for the price of a daily cappuccino and croissant you can reach thousands. Paid social is no longer a nice-to-have but a necessity, in the same way Pay Per Click is to Google.

Our promise is to curb the reliance on organic reach when launching these strategies.

Audience Selection

Too often we see campaigns with unclear audiences. “Project managers in London” is only a valid audience in a world where employer branding doesn’t exist.

Employer branding means you have a culture – people who fit. And others who don’t. Our promise is to go beyond the basics and use behaviour to define personas, at first click.

So, you can vote for an agency that is working for the many… or like us, for the few.

Because the truth is, you want social to help engage the perfect talent. Right?

Hope everyone votes, no matter who you vote for.