September 22, 2015

The Art & Science of Employer Branding – what to expect!

‘Squidology: The Art & Science of Employer Branding’ is now just one week away. On Tuesday 29th September, in association with the Guardian, Pink Squid will shine the spotlight on the rising innovations in employer branding, plus host key speakers from some of the sharpest clients around.


The event will begin with breakfast and nattering, but before you even reach the Guardian offices we’d have got you thinking about the relationship between art and science.

But ahh, the speakers. There’s Robert Käck, Global Employer Brand Manager at King, discussing the importance and challenges of creating an employer brand capable of steering a rapidly expanding company. Then there’s Julie Herdman, Talent Acquisition Manager at Jaguar Land Rover. She’ll be discussing how employer branding comms can be flexed for niche initiatives such as JLR’s sponsorship of the Invictus Games. Lee Nicholls, Head of Employer Brand and People Experience at Legal & General, telling us how to futureproof an employer brand while reaching new audiences. And finally, Ian Gibbs, Head of Commercial Insight at The Guardian, showing us his approach to creating powerful adverts to really grab audiences you’re looking for. You’ll also get the chance to grill them in our speaker sesh – better start thinking up those impossibly tricky questions now.

Minds buzzing with insight, it’ll be time to bust out your chairs and head to the interactive breakout stands. There’ll be a virtual tour through Pink Squid’s hall of fame, opportunities to play with the latest wearable tech, plus a chance to study website hotspots and audience behaviour (in real time). And a few other things we’re keeping up our sleeve…

Then it’ll be 12.30, and time to finish. But you won’t be leaving empty handed – there’ll be a surprise giveaway to help you remember your day. As if Manj’s inevitably memorable outfit won’t be enough…

It all begins in just one week and places are limited. But if you can’t make it, or we can’t fit you in, don’t worry – you can still join us by watching the entire event on our live stream. And our social media team will be manning the #Squidology hashtag on Twitter – and responding to any questions you folks back home might have.

Look forward to seeing you there!