April 15, 2016

Squid Social Round-Up 001


Social Media is ‘always on’ they said. You need to keep your ‘ear to the ground just to keep up’ they said. Well, we say don’t bother. Let us do the hard scrolling, sharing and swiping for you. Simply pop back here each week, where we’ll be rounding up all the biggest social platform moves and shakes every Friday afternoon. Welcome to the language of algorithms and engagement, translated and applied to our world of Employer Branding!

It was a big week for Facebook who hosted their famous ‘F8’ developer conference, adding to the buzz around virtual reality by showcasing an innovative integration to Facebook.

Our go-to guy for all things Virtual Reality Mark Bordoni is excited, saying:

“I think we’re only just starting to realise the potential of the web and VR is an extension of that. With online gaming attracting millions every day and families using Skype to see and talk with loved ones, VR is the natural progression. My feeling is VR will impact the way we learn, work, interact and the way in which we perceive the world.”

Considering the impact Facebook’s venture into video had on the amount of Employer Brand video content, don’t be surprised to be walking your candidates through a virtual version of your canteen before long.

Instagram’s own foray into video continued to gather pace, with an overhaul of the way users find content on the Explore page. You’ll now find curated channels from places like Coachella, as well as a “Videos You Might Like” channel featuring content from across the network. Think Snapchat city stories, but on Insta instead.

LinkedIn economist Guy Berger this week published a blog post on the platform, which provided some insight on the dreaded millennial generation and their job habits. In it, Berger utilises the network’s vast data backlog to surmise that the demographic are job-hopping more than any other generation. Nothing we didn’t already know, but the stats are insightful all the same

As for Snapchat? Two words: Video. Stickers.


Top Tip of the week!

We’re still seeing posts on Facebook without imagery. Keep it visual, your audience are 60% more likely to absorb your message.