August 5, 2016

Squid Social Round-up 011


If Facebook is ‘home’, Twitter is ‘on the go’ and Instagram is ‘dinner and downtime’, LinkedIn is undoubtedly ‘work’. And like work, it’s some people’s least favourite of the bunch. This can be attributed in part – in the Squid Tank at least – to their reluctance to try new things and be adventurous with the way in which they share content.

The often-late-adopters this week announced that they are finally stepping into the already burgeoning native video market, with an app that will allow LinkedIn’s 500 users with ‘Influencer’ status to post 30 second videos on topics curated by LinkedIn.

Only Influencers. Only 30 seconds. Only on curated topics. It’s all very safe. It’s all very LinkedIn. But the Record app will surely roll out to all users eventually (or at the very least Company pages), and when it does it will present all kinds of Employee Advocacy opportunities for your brand. Wunderbar.


You may have noticed your Instagram home screen adorned with some new additions this week. You may also have noticed a striking similarity to Snapchat; Coincidental? Who can say…

Instagram Stories work in pretty much the same way as – you guessed it – Snapchat stories, giving users the option to upload ephemeral, temporary clips and photos with a shelf-life of a few hours. Brands have been quick on the uptake with Instagram Stories. How it could benefit Employer Branding beyond on-event storytelling remains to be seen, but it’s something we’re excited to explore.

Maybe they’ll develop something like, oh I don’t know, geo-specific stickers, perfect for campus events.