June 10, 2016

Squid Social Round-up 009


Twitter, ever keen to capitalise on the ‘live’ or ‘real time’ nature of their platform, and fresh out of talks with Yahoo!, have partnered up with another much maligned institution to help ease your commute. Maybe. The tech giants have paired up with Transport for London, ensuring followers of TfL’s Twitter feeds get a direct message whenever there are disruptions to services on the Central and District lines, TfL rail or London Overground. Clear your DMs and prepare to be inundated with bad news. Helpful? We’re not so sure.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 13.02.29

On the plus side, with Euro 2016 kicking off today, Twitter have reintroduced hashflags and even a lovely little European Championship trophy emoji which appears when you #EURO2016. Prepare yourself: Shoehorned-in football related brand content is coming.

The LinkedIn hack of 2012 has come back to haunt more than its fair share of users, not least Mark Zuckerberg himself. The Facebook founder reportedly committed the cardinal sin of re-using passwords, which saw his Twitter and Pinterest accounts hacked. The password in question? “dadada”. Really, Zuck? We expected better from you. It’s estimated that Russian hackers are selling upward of 32 million Twitter logins on the dark web. Our advice is to change your password regularly, and try not to use the same password across platforms. Not even CEOs of the world’s most influential companies are immune.

LinkedIn users with Job Seeker privileges were given a treat this week, with the platform rolling out a set of new features. Users will now be able to see whether or not they would be considered a top applicant – usually within the top 50% – for any given job role, as well as receiving alerts for the fastest growing companies in their field. The top applicants algorithm is based on how much a user’s skills overlap with those on a job ad, based on the skills and summary sections of their profile. Useful!