April 22, 2016

Squid Social Round-Up 002


Gather round, people. It’s Friday. Let’s get social with another platform update round up courtesy of Pink Squid’s Social Media team.

If social media platforms were people in your office, LinkedIn would be the super serious one who veers toward the ‘smart’ in ‘smart casual’. Surprising, then, that the network this week launched a Tinder-like app, aiming to match its estimated 40 million student users with jobs based on their experience and education. The Students App works on the same principle as Tinder. A swipe right for a job you like, a swipe left for one you don’t fancy it.

As an avid user of both LinkedIn and (especially) Tinder, Social Media Creative Nick was quick to offer his thoughts:

“’Tinder for jobs’ has been trumpeted a few times, but when a player as big as LinkedIn gets in on the swiping act it’s big news. They may not be first, but for me the monstrous amount of data available on the platform combined with a super-quick, gamified user interface makes this really exciting. It’s US only for now, but we’re jostling to be the first to try it here in the UK, where it will go head-to-head with the slick, clever and proven Debut app.”


Insight from a study last week claiming that Snapchat has usurped photo-sharing rival Instagram in terms of importance to young people didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. We were slightly more surprised to learn that over 50% of its user base is over 25, as revealed by VP of Content, Nick Bell. With such a depth of data now at its disposal, Snapchat’s decision to turn down a £3 billion offer from Facebook all those years ago doesn’t seem so silly.

Facebook this week revealed that they are toying with the idea of a digital ‘tip jar’. What’s a digital tip jar? Apparently, it’s a call to action beneath users’ posts allowing friends and followers to donate monetarily. The platform also rolled out a new News tab on some devices, which looks suspiciously like Google News, to us: