April 29, 2016

Quality vs Quantity on Social

We’ve been doing some number crunching here in the Squid Tank, and at the risk of making this a very short blog indeed here’s the key stats:

3.6% of careers site traffic, 13% of total applications.

These aren’t the results of some wonderful new job board, or Steve adding his workplace details to his Tinder account. This is data we’ve drilled into for one of our clients.

Client confidentiality and all that, so excuse the shadiness, but once we explain you’ll see these numbers tell an interesting story. Because out of over 1,000,000 visitors over a 6 month period, around 36,000 came from social media. That’s the 3.6%.

And out of roughly 31,000 applications during this time, 13% were tracked as coming from social media. On the face of it, these numbers are terribly small. Sack your social media manager and pump your budget into PPC. But actually, whilst the numbers seem small, the huge difference from 3.6% of traffic to 13% of total applications show a far higher conversion rate from these referrals. The quality of web traffic is far higher, engaged and willing. Quality, not quantity.

It’s deliberate too. The client has gone from scattergun to strategic, with significant impact within a year. Even these year one numbers prove the investment in social media was justified.

So, to those hard at work trying to convince budget setters, or doubting executives, that using engagement and conversion across social media is an important step in developing your own talent pool…

Keep going. We’ve got your back.