February 10, 2017

Pink Squid Predicts: Social Media in 2017


The sad thing about social media right now is the lack of buzzing new platforms to dive into. But that’s because all the game-changing features are coming from the established players.

Live video is the big one. It’s not just Facebook’s old school ‘print and poster’ campaign to get everyone sharing live that’s interesting. It’s because Live gives employer brands and candidates real one-on-one moments. Basic uses include Q&A’s and Reddit-style ‘ask me anythings’ but we predict plenty of brave employer brands will use it at events too, along with Instagram’s Story feature too.

Whilst we’re talking Facebook, they unveiled a raft of changes last year that never really took off as paid options. But as organic tools that bridge the gap between social and website, we’re calling out Facebook Canvas and Facebook Notes as features to look out for.

VR isn’t quite there yet. Facebook is leading the way but don’t expect to be showing candidates a 3D tour of their new offices directly on social just yet.

Much more important this year will be Facebook Workplace. Slated for UK launch in April, it directly challenges Slack and Yammer as a network for colleagues to chat, share and brag. It’s ad-free but businesses will need to pay $1-$3 per user to be on it.

Leaving Facebook, are you up to speed with LinkedIn’s content sharing weapon, Elevate? Simultaneously encouraging employee advocacy while protecting your employer brand from harm, Elevate makes content editors and publishers out of anyone (we’d still suggest a bit of content experience goes a long way here). It then gives wider employee networks a whitelist of content to share on LinkedIn. It doesn’t come cheap and might be heavy to set up, but we’re predicting those who take it up early will see huge levels of impressions (and therefore storytelling) generated.

Will LinkedIn’s changes to company pages affect content performance? We… don’t know for sure yet. But let’s hope not.

Twitter? We invited them but they didn’t show up. It’s still huge in some international markets but even in the USA it’s waning. We’re still waiting for someone to MATA – Make America Tweet Again.

What about beyond 2017? Well, the world’s most important industry-disruptors are coming from companies that provide but don’t own. Think Airbnb and Uber. Apply that to social, where the biggest commodity is data, and you get a platform that allows users to not just control what the platform knows about them, but lets them own their own data. I’d personally tell a platform much more about me and my life if I was getting a cut of the advertising dollar generated from that data. I’d then be more engaged with the brands advertising to me on that platform.

Powerful, if and when it arrives, no?