December 2, 2015

Jaguar Land Rover
A tale of two Instagrams

There’s plenty to be said for Instagram as a viewtiful social platform, but far few proven methods to create a viral storm or take engagement beyond a fleeting double tap.

Well, we’re proud to announce two new campaigns that maximise Instagram’s potential in two very different ways.

The only trouble is, we can’t pick a favourite… So over to you.

A totally new Instagram experience

@JLR_Graduates is the home of a brand new approach to mobile, video and Instagram content. How do we show some of the sharpest, most ambitious minds in this year’s graduate pool how far Jaguar Land Rover could take them? We show (not tell) them that at JLR, their actions really drive ours. Intrigued? Fire up your mobile device (desktop won’t cut it) and view the video below

Unlocking Instagram’s viral potential

Meanwhile, @JLR_Apprentice tackles the problem of organic reach. How do we find new audiences on a channel that usually relies on hashtags and cross promotion for channel growth? With the first race across Instagram, of course. Take a look at the main account by all means, but don’t stop there. Make sure you pop over to the #JLRRaceToWin hashtag to see the effect of over a thousand entries driving viral Instagram content like never before.


So, over to you – let us know which one floats your boat by giving Pink Squid a shout!