July 15, 2016

“And the winner is…”

“And, because they’ve been cheering so loudly all night, I’m delighted to announce the winner is… Pink Squid!”
At the Recruitment Marketing Awards 2016, Pink Squid collected trophies for Recruitment Effectiveness with Jaguar Land Rover and Best Internal Communications with Travelodge. Here’s how.

Recruitment Effectiveness
This campaign went big on Science, going beyond an exhausted automotive talent pool to target Procurement professionals from fashion to food. At the heart of ‘It’s All In The Detail’ was an F-TYPE Coupé. Which we painstakingly digitally deconstructed into dozens of parts and dispersed across the digital ecosphere in highly-targeted display network banners and social media posts.
Potential Buyers currently working in the fashion industry, for example, were targeted with interior fittings, before they saw the pieces of the car come back together on the careers website complete with all the necessary information about an automotive career.
That’s to say nothing of the bespoke video, the Headtalker launch, the use of social content across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and print, Spotify and digital ads.
The campaign saved Jaguar Land Rover £3,000 per hire and generated 1 application from every 10 people who visited the site. That’s 5,893 applications in total.
The judges were impressed that the strapline, ‘It’s All In The Detail’, was as applicable to the campaign execution as the concept itself.
As for the client… “The most effective campaign Jaguar Land Rover has ever ran.”

Best Internal Communications
Quite often, staff training can be a long, drawn out and boring affair. Travelodge challenged us to make it not just more enjoyable, but more memorable too.
The solution was to create a toolkit – or in our case, a bespoke case in Travelodge’s colours, featuring a projector, mini-speaker, reception bell, stickers, air horn, playing cards, passports and an ink stamp. You can imagine the kind of fun that lot would cause in a training session.
The judges were impressed with the positive reaction from both staff and managers. Their social media posts showed the excitement and buzz when they received their own case.
Overall 600 cases were delivered within three months, delivering training to 11,000 employees.
Julia Rosamond, Travelodge Operations Director, said: “I have probably not seen a reaction like that in Travelodge for a while from our hotel managers. There was an overwhelming sense of ‘thank god you are helping us’ and as I said to you, because the toolkit is cool and well put together then it will be used – your messages were very compelling too.”

Thanks again to our beautiful clients for helping to make this all happen. Here’s how the night unfolded in photos…

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And the rest is a little hazy…