September 27, 2016

5 reasons we love the RBAs

It sounds terrifically insincere, but it’s true – the Recruitment Business Awards and their out of town vibe hold a special place in our hearts. Here’s our top five reasons why…



Oooh go on then. We’ll admit it, picking up two awards for one of our favourite pieces of work definitely helps. With #jlrracetowin for Jaguar Land Rover, we created the first race on Instagram. It’s not often social media managers get to call Instagram campaigns ‘viral’, but almost 7,000 entries into our little contest later I think we justifiably can. But whilst we can toot our own horn as much as we like, receiving recognition from the industry is very touching indeed.


The biggest of the award nights to be held outside the M25, the RBA has a proper unique vibe. It’s fun, noisy, friendly, and unpredictable. If you’ve been, you’ll know what we mean.


Only companies with a headquarters outside of London are considered. So for an agency based in the capital it’s jolly pleasant to give some undivided and well-deserved love to the teams we work with every day but don’t see as often as we’d want. You know who you are!


Getting higher and higher. A huge bravo to all the 2016 winners, including the lovely lot from (OMOBONO), who we shared a table with this year and helped with our customary Jagerbomb consumption. Admirable effort –  see you next year?


The RBA’s are big on appreciating creativity. They are owned by The Drum, after all. So when you win, you know it’s for all the right reasons.